Our Compensation Plan

A unique payment plan that combines the Binary and Unilevel Network marketing structure.

Our platform operates a lesser leg daily matching where members earn ₦1,500 per matching from points accumulated from their left and their right. Points are generated from the registration of new members by the sponsors left or right.

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Starter Package

₦45,000 (36PV)

₦1,500 per Matching
12 Matchings Daily

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Advanced Package

₦90,000 (72PV)

₦1,500 per Matching
24 Matchings Daily

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Business Package

₦225,000 (180PV)

₦1,500 per Matching
36 Matchings Daily

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Premium Package

₦450,000 (360PV)

₦1,500 per Matching
48 Matchings Daily

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Ways of Earning...

go-wellness have developed various ways to pay members, which includes various kinds of earnings such as retail profit, referral Bonus & other life-changing residual incomes.

A 38% retail profit margin signifies that for every sale made, the retailer retains 38% of the revenue as profit after deducting the cost of goods sold.

Members are entitled to sell any and all go-wellness products with an added mark-up price of 38%, which serves as Retail Profit.

Members earn 20% referral bonus when they successfully refer new members into their team, regardless of their package.

This incentive serves as a powerful motivator for existing members to recommend the program to their network, fostering a word-of-mouth marketing approach. The 20% referral bonus not only rewards networkers for their efforts in expanding the member base but also creates a mutually beneficial relationship where both the referrer and the new participant gain value.

In addition to receiving a 20% referral bonus for sponsoring new members, members also have the opportunity to earn an Indirect Referral Bonus when their downlines successfully sponsor new members.

This bonus is applicable across generations, ranging from the first to the twelveth, depending on the specific package the member has chosen.

Members earn ₦1,500 per matching on their account. A matching is when points on the lesser leg (Left or Right) matches with points on the other leg. Members earn ₦1,500 per the amount of times a matching occured (depending on the member’s package). This is paid to the member as Binary Bonus.

The minimum amount of points (Left & Right) needed for a matching to occur is 36 points.

Members who are making product repurchase also earn certain amount as personal repurchase bonus. This bonus ranges from 10% to 1% of the products purchased.

In addition, members earn unilevel bonus when their downlines (from 1st - 3rd generation) repurchased products. These bonuses are paid directly to the member for instant withdrawal.

At the end of every matching, points matched for each member accumulates and are used to qualify members for various rank awards when they meet a certain treshold.

Below are the various rank awards members can qualify for as they advance in their go-wellness career.

Members earn 3% as shop center referral bonus when they successfully refer any of their sponsored downline to sign up as a shop center, regardless of their package.

A shop center is basically an extention of the company in various parts of the country. There are 2 categories of shop centers, Mini Shop Center (₦1,000,000) and Mega Shop Center (₦10,000,000). Members earn 3% of these shop center signup fee.

All shop centers are entitled to this bonus and it is calculated based on the amount of products a shop center is able to distribute in a month. Mini Shop Center earn 2.5% per product monthly as Shop Center Activity Bonus, while Mega Shop Centers earn 4.5% per product monthly.